Bonus Hunting for Irish Players is a fantastic option

bonusIf you are familiar with how online casinos work, you probably know what bonus hunting is. Besides, the name of the phenomenon speaks for itself. Online casinos offer different bonuses in order to attract new players. Some players get hooked on this offer and stay with the operator long after dealing with wagering requirements. Others just use the propositions and leave the online casino immediately after they are able to. Nowadays, it’s getting harder and harder for players to receive good bonuses, especially if you’re from the country of the biggest abusers of the bonuses. Fortunately, for the players from Ireland, most of the bonuses are legit for the residents of the country. Some players from Eastern Europe are even in search for the Irish VPNs for being able to get the access for promotions.

Not all the bonuses worth the try. Should you chose every other proposition from the casinos, you’ll be wasting your time and, possibly, money. There are quite a few criteria in choosing the online casino with the greatest offers. The bonuses are cashable not in all the cases. All the casinos have terms and conditions of giving away bonuses. Many require a deposit to make the bonus money cashable. More to that, there are some kinds of bonuses which can not be withdrawn – they are called “sticky” bonuses.

Sticky and Phantom bonuses

Traditional “Sticky” bonuses are rare nowadays. They are being replaced by so-called “Phantom” bonuses. If you don’t know what the hell these words mean, we will explain it to you.

There are money on your account but you can’t withdraw them. The bonus amount remains on your account until you lose all the money. The player is able to play for the bonus amount. He is able to win on the same bonus money not just once, but as many times as he wishes. The player can ask for withdrawal any time he is ahead of amount remaining from the bonus.

Getting the Edge

Surely, there are no obvious propositions where you can make money on regular bases but sometimes when you receive a nice bonus with little wagering requirements for a deposit, there might be just a small window of opportunity.

While hunting for your bonus, please pay attention to what games it is applied. Sometimes the bonus requirements allow you to play on just for a couple of kinds of slots and this could be a problem. Return percentage of such slots could be lower than you’ve expected and you might be losing in the long run even despite the wagering requirement might be just fine and everything could seem to be in place for you to be able to cash out on the bonuses.

But let’s discuss the most important part for bonus hunters in Ireland and elsewhere – this is without a doubt, wagering requirements.

What Are the Wagering Requirements?

That is the question you need to find an answer to immediately as you see bonus proposition. There are different wagering requirements for the money you receive as a bonus. That is the most important thing in calculation the profitability of bonus. The bigger the wagering requirements are, the higher is variance. The usual bonuses are 100% and more and the most common wagering requirements exceed 20x of the amount. You need to do the math and calculate whether the bonus is profitable. Once you see a positive math expectation, deposit and take a risk. But make double checks as the conditions of bonuses are usually trickier than it seems at first sight.

Please, mind that wagers depend on the games you’re playing and usually if you play roulette, the distance will be bigger for you that the one of slots gambler.

Free rolls 

Certainly, it is not 2005 anymore. There aren’t many no-deposit bonuses but players from Ireland can see a proposition or two every week. Those free rolls don’t promise much but what the guarantee you is 100% positive expectation. As you don’t put any money of yours at risk, you can’t lose, you just can win. However, the probability of your victory is not that big, there are restriction on maximum cash outs on these promotions and so on. In other words, you probably won’t become rich using these promos but if you’re building your bankroll from scratch, it seems a legit option. Irish players have propositions to win a hundred euros starting from €10 with 20x wager requirements right now in multiple casinos.

We keep constantly remind you that players from Ireland are in favorable position in comparison with, let’s say, Germans or Eastern Europeans. They do receive fantastic propositions every now and then. It would be not very wise to waste the opportunity to win some money on bonus hunting should you have spare time.


The world is changing and sometimes we look back five or ten years from now and see how things worsened. This is the case for the most of online casinos bonuses. The bonuses are not quite that big as they used to be when online casinos just started to grow online in Ireland and elsewhere. There used to be real propositions for 400% match bonuses with 10x wagering requirements. It was hard to lose on that. Now it is not that easy, but still manageable. Once you see wagering requirements under 25x, you should study the promo closely and if you see potential, try to win on this. Once you’re not ready to put your own money in, try to find a no-deposit bonus with more or less great wagering requirements. There are still money in this for Irish players.