Real Money Slots Around Ireland & RTP Meaning

Slot's RTP MeaningPlayers don’t usually give much thought to the casino terminology. Return to player (RTP) for them is the figure that shows how profitable a certain real money slot is. But there is much more to know about RTP than that. Moreover, RTP isn’t the only factor that should be considered when it comes to profitability of slots. Hit frequency and some other factors also play major role.

Publishing RTP figures is probably one of the tools casinos use to attract more players. If you are said that the real money slot returns 97%, it’s easy to think that playing it is safe and that maximum you can lose is $3 out of $100 you wagered. That’s probably what casinos hope for when they give you these numbers. But the truth is RTP doesn’t make much difference. It doesn’t say anything about potential win of a single player, because billions of spins must be played to have this average return.

Some Secrets of RTP System

Gaming sites don’t tell players how many spins they should have played to get close to the theoretical return to player. This would be the same when a car dealer selling you a sports car tries to shift your attention from how fast the car accelerates to its maximum speed, or any other salesman concealing the truth just to close the deal.

Return to player seems to be much more useful for casino owners. They know how much of the profit each of the online slots for money can earn them. Theoretical return works perfectly for them. Popular international operators can have thousands of players playing the same game in one day. Together players make millions of bets, some of them win some lose. But their accumulated winnings will always be 3% lower than the overall amount they spent, if we are talking about 97% RTP slots. Meaning that operator’s expected income is 3%.

One casino punter or even a group of punters can’t rely on RTP, because they won’t make enough bets. They will have to play for weeks or months. Average return is measured over 10-100 thousand spins, as mentioned by the UK Gambling Commission, but the number can be much greater. NetEnt slots, for example, require 9 billion spins to be played to reach theoretical RTP and Amatic slots require 3 billion spins. It’s unlikely someone can play one slot for so long.

How Real Money Slots Bring Money To Casinos?

Casinos earn by providing players access to the games. They don’t produce slots themselves but take them from casino content suppliers like NetEnt or Microgaming. These suppliers aren’t nonprofit organizations and therefore charge some fees. They set certain parameters that affect slot’s RTP and basically decide how much casinos will earn on average.

Let’s say you wager $100 and lose. RTP is 95%, meaning that theoretically your $95 will be paid to other players and $5 is the casino revenue. The operator then pays $1 to supplier of the slot machine you played for money.

Some players hate losing to casinos, but without operators it wouldn’t be possible to play casino games since developers specialize on creating casino content rather than accepting real money wagers. So, if casinos are called the evil, they are the necessary evil.

Casinos will never pay from their own pockets. They basically collect money that players lose, subtract their rather small commission and allocate the rest of the funds between winners. The software decides who will get paid and how much and that happens randomly, at least, when you play at respected casinos.

At times players can have long losing streaks, but good luck can wait them just around the corner. Any moment their losing streak can stop, and they will start receiving some of their money back. You won’t necessarily receive 95% or 96% of your money back. It can be 10% or 2000% if you are lucky. If one player collects more than average RTP, others will pay for it.

You have probably heard stories of massive jackpots being hit. Now imagine how many players must have lost to pay for someone’s dream win. You can be among those who pay to make others happy, or you can be one of those few, who receive life-changing wins. You will never know until you try.

But even when you lose money, you still benefit from playing online slot games for real money. You get entertained, and that should be the main reason why you gamble. If your gambling is out of control, there are some tools you can use, such as deposit, loss and wager limits. And always make sure you don’t play when you are drunk, upset or get greedy.

Some players think casinos cheat them, but that’s not necessarily true. Rogue casinos do that, but respected operators never cheat. They care a lot about their reputation and treat their customers fairly. If players stop trusting them, their existence will be under threat.

Casino content suppliers theoretically can manipulate game outcomes. But they won’t do that either, because their activity is regulated by various organizations. If supplier is caught doing something illegal, their license can be cancelled.