Guide for Playing Online Baccarat with Real Money

If it’s the history of the Baccarat casino game you are after it starts with the meaning of the name. Baccarat is an Italian word, and if translated into English it means Zero, in French, the name means the same and exactly that could be what have started many a debate of where the game originates from, while each country in the world would like to claim the origin of the game as theirs.

A claim to be the real origin of Baccarat, if we did indeed find the history, then the inventor was Felix Falguierein an Italian gambler, his love for gambling started out in the Middle Ages and the first deck of cards he played with was Tarot cards. Baccarat is based on an ancient Etruscan ritual inspired by nine gods who all prayed to a virgin, waiting for her to throw a nine-sided die while praying on their tiptoes. This die would decide her fate if the die displayed a seven or six she would be banned from all religious activities, is she threw a nine or eight she would become the priestess, any number less than six would force her to walk into the ocean. In 1490AD baccarat was introduced in France and remained an exclusive game between French nobility for a very long time before finally becoming a casino game.

Where to play online baccarat?