Online roulette in Irish casinos

If you ask someone to name any casino game, odds are very high that almost everyone will name roulette. This is a classic game that can be played in every online casino in Ireland. In this section we will give you a detailed review of roulette rules and main roulette strategies.

Roulette rules

The name of this game takes its origin in the French language (“little wheel”). Here the game was invented in the 18th century. However, the first primitive variety of roulette was proposed even earlier, in the 17th century, by the famous French mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal.

The roulette that we know today has been played in France since 1796. In the 19th century the game was introduced in other European countries and in the USA and rapidly became one of the most beloved casino entertainments.

Roulette has featured in many books, Hollywood movies (Mission: Impossible, Casino Royale) and songs. It is an exciting and stylish game that attracts millions of gamblers all over the world, including Irish players. Roulette can be found in every real Irish casino but with the introduction of internet technologies roulette has also become widely available in online casinos in Ireland.

Gaming process

Roulette players have several betting options. They can bet either on the exact number (or the exact pocket on the wheel) that the ball will choose (numbers from 0 to 36), or a narrow range of numbers. This is called “inside betting”. Those who want to bet “outside” may bet on a wider range of pockets, on the color or whether the lucky number will be even or odd. Sure enough, the payout odds for each betting option depend on its probability.

In online roulette there are normally restrictions regarding minimum and maximum bets, so players do not have complete betting freedom. However, if a player decides to make both inside and outside bets, then the restrictions will apply to each of his betting options separately. Players may bet as the ball moves on the wheel, until it is announced that no more bets are allowed. This happens when the ball starts moving slower and is about to stop soon.

After the winning pocket is determined, players cannot change or remove their bets. The dealer marks the winning section in the roulette layout (puts the so-called dolly on it) and moves away all the losing chips, either by hand or (most frequently) by rake. Then he determines the payouts for the winning bets. After all the bets are specified and the wins paid, the dealer removes the dolly and the new round starts. Obviously, in online roulette some of these steps are omitted, or, to be more precise, done automatically by the system.

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