Ireland Casinos that Accept Bank Transfer


Bank Transfers is a viable way for anyone who wishes to transfer funds to online gambling accounts but are distrustful of other payment methods available online. This method allows depositing of funds directly from your bank account to your casino account. It is the oldest known method; the most trusted method and apart from cash transactions probably also the most used method. In ancient times bank transfer meant physically carrying the cash amount from one bank to the other and it was only from around the fourth century that primitive bank notes were used, and money was represented as a number.

As far as innovation goes in banks, especially bank transfers the first arrived with the invention of three things namely the telephone, the telegraph, and fax. In the United States, wire transfers started from late in the nineteenth century, and it was the Western Union that was the first to do electronically transfers of money via telegraph. Nowadays anyone who owns a computer and has Internet access can do online banking, which includes bank transfers.


Type of payment: Bank Trasfer