Mastercard – the payment system with unchallenged reputation


Most Irish casinos offer MasterCard as one of the options for placing deposits and/or making withdrawals. Let us discuss what are the pros and cons of this option for Irish gamblers.

According to the statistics, the most popular way of depositing playing accounts in online casinos are bank cards. Indeed, cards are used almost by everyone, so if you want to play in an online casino, you do not need to consider other payment options (such as registering e-wallets etc.). You can use your regular card to which you are already accustomed.

Visa cards are perfectly fit for this purpose. They are accepted by every online casino in the world and secure quick and simple transactions. However, if your bank card is operated by MasterCard, then your payment experience in casinos may be slightly different.
Processing above 20 billion transactions a year, MasterCard is definitely one of the biggest payment providers in the world. However, the company adheres to the policy of restricting cash flows which derive from gambling activities, and in a great many countries players can use MasterCard for depositing money in online casinos but not for withdrawing them.

Hopefully, in Ireland MasterCard is ubiquitously accepted as a means for making deposits (including its Maestro subdivision), while in several Irish casinos gamblers can even make withdrawals with their MasterCard. Below you see the list of the most reliable Irish online casinos accepting MasterCard. From the table you will be able to find out whether these casinos accept MasterCard for both depositing and withdrawing or for depositing only.

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