Visa, the leading credit card company in Ireland and a nice paying method for online casinos


Alongside with MasterCard Visa is one of the most popular credit cards in the world. Basically, it is a credit card linked to the regular bank account. There is a reason why there is a word “credit”. The owner makes a loan which he is able to repay within the agreed term, which is usually 30 days after making the payment. People are able to spend more money than they actually have on their accounts, so it creates some sort of financial trouble for undisciplined gamblers.

With the help of Visa one could make a purchase in a big variety of points of sale in Ireland and worldwide. Money on the card can be withdrawn at ATMs. The goal of the company, though, is to completely replace cash with electronic transfers where it is possible.

Also a VISA credit card allows you to make payments at millions of points of sale (POS) worldwide, whether online in a web-store, at the grocery around the corner or while on holiday in a foreign country. The card can be used to withdraw money out of ATMs at banks in your country of residence as well as in foreign countries and the goal of VISA is to replace cash money transactions as much as possible by electronic transfers.

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